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I want to THANK everyone who had a part in bringing this project together. I want to thank you all for the early support and I look forward to growing with you all. #TheNeverStoryOutNow Link in Bio Special thanks to: @Interscope @nikkibilz @timgloverr @lenasdreamland @promokid @gabriellekgraham @garymkelly @auraluvsu @kimberly @RisisMe  @lolobaby15 @Wilshireblvdcowboy @Dreamville @realcoleworld @CedBrown @tbmattyp @OakShades @kingofqueenz25 @juromez ALL of @SpillageVillage @Earthgang @rchirinos @fredlozanojr @waboosh @BarryHefner @ZekielnFab5



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